The complete 2021 ecommerce marketing calendar

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 has just passed, how are your sales going?

In any case, the first half of 2021 has passed, and look forward to the peak season for the second half of the year! Foreign holidays are mostly concentrated in the second half of the year. For e-commerce sellers, the peak sales season in the second half of the year is the highlight of the year. So what should sellers do to prepare for the peak sales season?

Here is the e-commerce marketing calendar for the second half of 2021!


July 4th: Independence Day, the National Day of the United States, is as grand as religious and folk festivals. According to a survey by Natioanl Retail Federation, 60% of Americans will buy goods related to Independence Day. Major shopping malls and shopping websites have very large activities, comparable to the Black Friday in the United States.

Hot-selling products: decorations, clothing, barbecue tools, picnic supplies, party supplies, etc. with flags and red, white and blue related elements.

July 24th: International Self-Caring Day, remember to plan promotional activities and prepare related products

Hot-selling products: health categories, personal care, sports and fitness-related categories, etc.


August 13th: Obon Festival in Japan. Obon Festival is usually between August 13th and August 16th. It is an important holiday in Japan after New Year’s Day. Fireworks festivals are held in various places.

Hot Products: Travel Goods

August 14th: The Qixi Festival (Taiwan, Singapore) is a traditional Chinese festival that is celebrated in some Asian countries and regions.

Hot products: greeting cards, chocolates, cards, adult toys, flowers, heart-shaped biscuits and candles.

At the end of August: back to school season.

Hot-selling products: clothing and footwear, stationery, books, school bags, computer bags, 3C products, office supplies, sporting goods and other student supplies, electronic products, clothes.


September 9th: Shopee 9th, Sep. big promotion, 60% of people around the world will choose to shop during the big promotion. Shopee’s “Double Nine”, “Double Ten”, “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve” promotions are key promotional days.

Hot-selling products: Any cost-effective products.

September 18th: Oktoberfest, one of the most grand traditional festivals in Germany, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

Hot-selling products: Oktoberfest souvenirs, outdoor supplies, tents, party items, etc.


October 11st: Canadian Thanksgiving Day, Canadians attach great importance to Thanksgiving, which can be compared with Christmas.

Hot-selling products: ski equipment, ski suits, turkey pans, aprons, food storage supplies, other kitchen supplies, etc.

October 31st: Halloween, Halloween is a traditional Western holiday, and October 31st is the most lively moment of this festival. Children will dress up as cute ghosts and ask for sweets.

Hot-selling products: candy, Cosplay series of costumes, cosmetics, masks, masks, wigs, Halloween decorations and greeting cards, toys, theme decorations.


November 25th: Thanksgiving, a traditional Western holiday.

Hot products: down jackets, gloves, scarves, woolen caps, ski equipment and ski suits. Kitchen utensils, hot pot, pot and apron.

November 26th: Black Friday

November 29th: Cyber ​​Monday

Hot-selling products: All categories, preferential prices and promotions are essential.


Shopee’s birthday is on December 12th.

Hot-selling products: Products in any hot-selling category.

Christmas, December 25th, Christmas has become a public holiday in Western countries and many other regions. From the end of November to December 25th, the whole time period and Christmas day-based gifts are all hot sales.

Hot products: party supplies, groceries, beauty and personal care, electronic products, kitchen supplies, toys, clothing, interior decoration, kitchen supplies, indoor fireworks, greeting cards, calendars.

A good product is the basis of marketing, allowing you to stand up in the market competition. It is also important to prepare for the stocks before the arrival of each peak sales season. If you want to purchase goods from China and then sell on e-commerce platforms or get some information about purchasing from China for you to make a decision, please leave a message below the blog. Our purchasing experts can provide you with some useful insights.

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