We strive to create a level of transparency between buyers and Chinese suppliers, so that buyers can achieve profit growth and make sustainable decisions.


SourcingArts was founded by Shenlyn Mao in 2020 and is located in Shenzhen, the most developed city in China for export trade. It has China’s largest electronic product wholesale market and is adjacent to Hong Kong. SourcingArts aim to guide buyers through strong supplier data and rich purchasing knowledge.

Our main purpose of designing this website is to create a comprehensive resource to help individuals or small and medium enterprises with different needs to source ideal products from Chinese manufacturers in a safe, cost effective way.


Experienced People and Manufacturer Resources Within Reach

SourcingArts was officially established in 2020, but every employee of SourcingArts has very rich experience in the international trade industry.

Our purchasing experts have more than 10 years of purchasing experience, They have purchased for Wal-Mart, Falabella, Carrefour and other large companies, as well as for some small e-commerce companies. And everyone focuses on one area.

Most Chinese purchasing agents are located in Yiwu, and they are better at purchasing small commodities. And we are more focused on the sourcing of electronic products, maternal and child products and toy products.

We are located in the most developed area of China’s international trade-Shenzhen, which is the center of Chinese electronic products, and it is also very close to the toy product cluster-Chenghai and Dongguan city. We always have access to good products and manufacturer resources.

Combine Internet with Sourcing

In addition, we combine the Internet with traditional purchasing. Our Manufacturer Database allows us to match the manufacturer suitable for our customers as quickly as possible.

Before that, you can use our Free Supplier Checker to check whether your current supplier is reliable and cost-effective to avoid being deceived and additional expenses.

You can get the best manufacturer from us, and you can choose to purchase from the manufacturer yourself or hire us to purchase for you. It is up to you.

our team

Shenlyn Mao

Founder & CGO

He started his business at the age of 18 (in middle school). He likes innovation and adventure. He used to be a web development, good at marketing and data analysis, and currently serves as a marketing consultant for many companies.

Chloe Su

Marketing Manager

Worked in factories and trading companies since 2018, and is fluent in 3 languages. Have profound insights into the international trade industry. All resources come from practice. She works as a content creator now.

Alice Lee

Purchasing Manager

A senior buyer with 15 years of experience. Good at supplier development, negotiation and order management. Served more than 100 satisfied customers, she always takes customer satisfaction as her mission.

Stone Wang


Used to be a middle school math teacher, and later work in the logistics industry. He once founded a logistics company and has abundant logistics resources. Currently responsible for merchandising.

Jinhua Hu

Supplier Development

Deeply engaged in the purchasing and sales of electronic products for 20 years, used to work in Huaqiangbei Wholesale Market. Able to find the most affordable supply channels for all kinds of electronic products.

Jeff Xiao

Customer Manager

Top salesman with 20 years of experience dealing with global buyers. He is good at solving problems for customers and is a very reliable person. He is the supplier of Swiss Xiaomi exclusive agent in China.

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