Chapter 6: Shipping and receiving

Finally, you are at the last step of the whole process.  Most buyers ask the supplier to arrange the shipment to their country or home. The supplier will help arrange the

Chapter 5: Quality Control

For large order, it’s necessary to check the quality of products before shipping if you don’t want to receive defective products. It is difficult to confirm the product only by looking

Chapter 4: Place an order & Manage order

Get samples For larger orders, you should ask the supplier to provide samples before placing the order formally to evaluate whether they can produce products according to your requirements or whether

Chapter 3: Negotiate with Suppliers & Choose ...

After evaluating the Chinese supplier, you need to communicate with the supplier on the product price, order quantity, quality standard, delivery time, etc.

Chapter 2: Evaluate Supplier

When importing from China, it is important to evaluate Chinese suppliers. This guide will tell you how to evaluate suppliers.

Chapter 1: Searching Suppliers for Your Product

Knowing how to find a supplier for your product is the first step in importing from China. This guide details 7 ways to find suppliers from China.

Fidget Toys Wholesale
How To Buy Fidget Toys From China Wholesale?(2022 ...

In 2021, fidget toys are very popular, with many varieties, buyers do not know how to choose. This guide will help you import fidget toys from China smoothly.

What is a private label
Before Reading My Article, Don’t Create Priv...

The "solution" or "cost" when importing private label products from China, including how to customize, how much does it cost, and the problems encountered?

How to buy from Alibaba safely
Is Alibaba Safe/Legit? How To Buy From Alibaba Saf...

Alibaba is safe and legit. Alibaba is trusted and reputable platform. This guide will introduce you step by step how to buy from Alibaba and payment.

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