Is Alipay Safe and How Can Foreigners Use Alipay?

What is Alipay and how it works? This bolg will help you use Alipay outside china.

How To Ship From China to Amazon FBA?

Can you ship from China straight to Amazon? Three ways to ship your goods from Chinese suppliers to Amazon FBA.

What Are the Documents Required for Shipping?

Ensure that you receive these documents before the arrival of the goods, so that you can sit back and relax without having to pay any storage fees at the port.

UL Certification For China Sourcing: A Complete Gu...

Do you need UL Certification when importing from China? How much does it cost and how do you get it?

LCL vs FCL, Which is More Money-Saving For You?

Knowing FCL and LCL can give you an idea of the circumstances under which you should pay attention to avoid paying extra fees.

How To Get Low MOQ on Alibaba?(Ultimate guide)

Use this tip to find suppliers with reasonable prices and minimum order quantities(MOQ) on alibaba, but you need more time to find suppliers and talk to them!

Which incoterms Works Best? What is Alibaba Trade ...

In this complete guide, we will explain what shipping terms are, why they are used, and which terms you should choose to deal with suppliers.

How to Reduce Shipping Costs From China(7 proven t...

When the transportation cost of imports from China is higher than the value of the goods, how to reduce transportation costs and choose transportation methods

What is OEM and ODM on Alibaba?

OEM and ODM generally exist in the purching industry, but we found that many buyers and even sourcing agents do not understand the meaning of "OEM" of China sourcing.

private label products
How To Find The Best Supplier in China For Smallbu...

How to buy from China? Working with China manufacturers or trading companies or sourcing agents, which is suitable for you?

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