LCL vs FCL, which is more money-saving for you?

Knowing FCL and LCL can give you an idea of the circumstances under which you should pay attention to avoid paying extra fees.

How to get low MOQ on Alibaba?(Ultimate guide)

It's possible to find a supplier with a reasonable price and a low MOQ with this tips, but you need more time to find suppliers and talk to them!

Which trade term works best? What is Alibaba trade...

In this complete guide, we will explain what shipping terms are, why they are used, and which terms you should choose to deal with suppliers.

How much is the import tax from China to USA?

You will understand that if you need to pay import taxes for your products? How to calculate the tariffs? Will the Sino-US trade war affect your business?

How to reduce shipping costs from China(7 proven t...

7 proven tips to help you reduce the shipping cost when import from China, used for express, sea freight, by air.

Is AliExpress Safe? 5 Tips to Avoid Scams

This blog will help you understand what Aliexpress is, how it works, and provide you with some tips to keep you away from scammers!

What is OEM and ODM on Alibaba?

OEM and ODM generally exist in the purching industry, but we found that many buyers and even sourcing agents do not understand the meaning of "OEM" of China sourcing.

8 best Chinese replica wholesale websites
8 best Chinese replica wholesale websites (electro...

Where can you buy Chinese replicas? This is a complete guide to help you buy replica clothes, bags, shoes, watches and electronic products from China.

Is Dhgate safe to buy from
Is dhgate safe? How to find replicas on dhgate?

Buying from Dhgate is more likely to encounter scammers than other platforms? You should be more cautious in using

Is Alibaba safe? How to know if Alibaba supplier is legit
Is Alibaba legit? How to know if Alibaba supplier ...

We summarized 6 tips to help you find reliable suppliers on Alibaba and avoid illegal supplier, scammers and middleman.

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