Get a Better Price and Genuine Manufacturer from China

Get a Better Price and Genuine Manufacturer from China

Combining data analysis and practial sourcing experience to help buyers verify dishonest suppliers and get better prices. Increasing the transparency between buyers and Chinese suppliers.

How to Import from China Smoothly

We have 3 types of service plans, Verify Supplier, Best Manufacturer Recommendations and

One-Stop China Sourcing.

Verify Supplier

Combine data analysis with local experience, verify the business type, legality, reliability, scale and advantaged products of your supplier. Avoid dishonest supplier.

Get Best Manufacturer

Select the genuine manufacturer and negotiate the best price based on the your purchasing needs through in-depth investigation and factory inspection.

One-Stop Sourcing

Help you deal with all purchasing and exporting matters, from arrange product samples to arrange delivery. Ensure qualified quality and on-time delivery.

Master the Ways of


The more you know about your suppliers, the more you can save money and make your purchase much easier.

  • Business type: Every supplier says they are manufacturers, but in fact, at least 80% of them are traders. They buy from the manufacturer and sell it to you to make the difference.
  • Relationship with factories: Some suppliers own multiple factories, some suppliers invest in factories, some suppliers just cooperate with factories.
  • Advantage products: Manufacturers also purchase products from other factories to enrich the product category, so it is important to understand their competitive products.

We’ll help you—

SourcingArts helps global buyer do big things,

bring your purchasing needs, verified suppliers, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster.

Simplify your sourcing

With supplier verification and manufacturer recommendation services, you can quickly verify your supplier and choose the best one without complex research.

Reach out to real manufacturers

80% of suppliers on Internet are traders, you can easily get real manufacturers and don't need to worry about scammers &middlemen.

Get better price

Get better price with our powerful supplier database and 15 years of sourcing experience. 30% of purchasing cost can be saved to work with right manufacturers.

Take action with our insights

With all data and insights in one place, you can see what’s working best and get recommendations to help you do more of it.

China Importing Knowledges for Beginners

Experience a smarter way to sourcing

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Experience a smarter way to sourcing