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If you want to learn to import from China, then you have come to the right place.

We have published a lot of free study resources on the SourcingArts blog and YouTube channel, helping thousands of people to import from China smoothly.

But the problem with these resources is that their content is unorganized. There is no clear starting point or way to import from China.

This is why we created this guide. Whether you are just planning to source from China or you already know the basics, this page is your gateway to master the complete import process.

The Beginner's Guide to Import From China​

These six chapters are a solid foundation for you to learn about importing knowledge from China.
If you want to dig deeper, each chapter has links to a lot of more advanced learning materials.

Before you starting purchasing, you need to understand where to search supplier.

Learn how to avoid scammers and unreliable suppliers.

Understand what needs to be confirmed with the supplier before placing an order and how to get better trading conditions.

Know which documents and procedures are necessary to confirm the order and what you should do after placing the order

It’s important to ensure that the product is qualified and meets your requirements before shipping.

Choosing the right mode of transportation can save you costs, and what you should do under each mode of transportation to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods.

Looking For More Resources?

Expand your purchasing knowledge with detailed tutorials and case studies.
Let you import from China more smoothly.

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