Mobile phone case is the most in demand product among electronic accessories. Basically everyone needs to use a mobile phone case, And most people like to customize mobile phone cases, and the frequency of replacing the phone case is also very high.

So many people choose to start their own business by wholesale mobile phone cases from China.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What mobile phone cases can you purchase from China?
  • In what ways can you customize your phone case?
  • The best manufacturer of mobile phone cases in China?
  • How to develop your mobile phone case business?

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Best Phone Case Categories

China can provide any different types of mobile phone cases to meet the daily needs of anyone. The following are some mobile phone cases that we strongly recommend that you import from China. You can easily find them from any market in China.

Classified by phone case material

Hard material

PC phone case

PC is a thermoplastic engineering plastic and one of the most common types of mobile phone cases on the market.

The PC phone case is hard, so it is not very convenient to disassemble and may scratch the phone.

The toughness and luster of the PC material is particularly good, so the PC phone case is usually very thin, and the color is very bright. Can provide comfortable touch and fashionable visual enjoyment.

PC has good heat dissipation, is a material with better heat dissipation among common materials, and has excellent insulation properties.

Common PC mobile phone cases come in two styles, full-pack and half-pack. All-pack PC phone cases are entirely made of PC. The plane of the half-pack PC phone case is made of PC, and the edge frame is made of other soft materials to prevent the phone frame from being scratched by the hard PC.

A lot of post-processing can be performed on the PC material phone case, such as spraying, painting, pasting, 3D embossing and so on.

Wooden phone case

I believe everyone has touched the wood and it is very comfortable. But after putting on this kind of wooden case, the phone will make a big circle. There are fewer manufacturers producing such shells, and the prices are relatively expensive.

Wooden phone case

For consumers, wooden mobile phone cases are not commonly used.

Grass phone case

The phone case made of glass material has bright patterns and colors. It is durable and does not fade. The appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The glass material has certain wear-resisting and scratch-resistant properties.

Grass phone case
Metal phone case

At present, all metal phone cases on the market are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. This type of phone case has high resistance to deformation and fracture, so it has ideal protection performance.

Metal phone case

However, the metal mobile phone case is thicker, less portable, and inconvenient to install. It is easy to cause certain interference to the signal.

Soft material

Liquid silicone phone case

Silicone case is the most well-known type of mobile phone protective case. It has a soft texture and a slightly slippery feel. It has been popular in the market for many years.

Liquid silicone phone case

The silicone material has good elasticity, is not easy to deform after processing and molding, and has good anti-drop performance. The silicone case is relatively soft and extremely easy to disassemble.

The silicone material is environmentally friendly and healthy, soft and skin-friendly, non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless. The waterproof performance of the silicone shell is better, which has become its biggest selling point.

Although the silicone shell has many advantages, and the price is also low. However, there are still shortcomings. Due to poor air permeability, long-term wearing will cause heat accumulation in the phone body.

Moreover, the silicone case itself is slightly sticky, and after a period of use, it will gather and absorb a large amount of dust on the phone.

Most silicone cases use hard silicone + flocking design, which leads to poor heat dissipation performances.

TPU phone case

TPU is also soft and belongs to soft rubber products like silicone. Generally, the hardness of TPU is harder than silicone, and it is more elastic.

TPU phone case

Many mobile phone cases are use TPU material to make the frames, but the surface of the phone cases has many types of materials. Because the weak TPU frame can prevent the phone from scratching when the phone case is installed.

Both TPU cases and silicone cases have a common problem that heat dissipation is poor in summer, which causes the phone to get hot.

In addition, the TPR mobile phone case is easy to deform and yellow. If the material is not good, the surface may become foggy or sticky.

Many people don’t know the difference between silicone and TPU, and even some Alibaba sellers don’t know the difference, saying that all soft mobile phone cases are made of silicone.

The difference between TPR and Silicone:

① Production process

TPU belongs to the plastic category. The product is made by injection molding process. After the plastic particles are heated and melted, they are injected into the plastic mold with a barrel to make the product.

Silicone is rubber, and the molding process uses vulcanization molding. The silicone mold is opened up and down. The product is made by cutting a piece of silicone material, placing it in a mold, and heating and pressurizing it.

② Feel

Generally, the hardness of TPU is harder than that of silicone, and it is more elastic when pinched by hand. You can compare TPU to the feel of muscles, and the feel of silicone to fat.

③ Appearance

TPU can be made into a very transparent mobile phone case. The most transparent silicone mobile phone case will still have a hazy feeling.

Leather phone case

The texture feels good, and the appearance is also good. However, the price of general leather mobile phone cases is expensive, and cleaning and wrinkling are also problems.

Among all kinds of protective cases, leather protective cases for mobile phones are also very popular. Compared with silicone cases, business professionals in the workplace prefer to use a decent leather case.

Mobile phone cases are also divided into two types, one is the waist-hung phone cover that has been popular for many years, and the applicable type is more common; the other is the portable case that can be put in the pocket.

Although the two seem to be different in appearance, the manufacturing process is still similar.

The advantages of leather cases are chic, elegant, non-wearing mobile phones, and good heat dissipation.

Leather mobile phone cases are generally made of PU mobile phone cases with an outer layer of leather. This method not only reduces the cost, but also achieves the visual effect of the leather.

Leather phone cases on the market rarely use real leather because the cost of leather is too high.

Classified by phone case processing technology

Silk screen phone case

Silk screen is the most common processing technology, it is basically suitable for all kinds of mobile phone cases. The pattern is printed on the phone case through silk screen technology.

Painted phone case

Simply put, it is to use a color printer to print the pattern on the phone case.

Painted phone case

The characteristic of this process is that there is no pattern limitation, and you can print any pattern you want. The disadvantage is that it can only print flat patterns, but not curved surfaces.

Water transfer phone case

Water stickers are also a process for printing patterns on the phone case.

The effects of silk screen printing, color painting and water transfer printing are all similar. Silk-screened and painted printed patterns are easy to fall off after a long time of rubbing.

Silk printing is more suitable for printing logos. Color painting and water transfer printing are more suitable for printing complete patterns.

Frosted phone case

The matte treatment will make the phone case feel different and look grainy.

Embossed phone case

The embossed phone case is more bumpy than the frosted phone case.

Glitter phone case

Glitter phone case

Quicksand is to put sequins and quicksand oil on the back of the phone case. The production process is also very simple, you can DIY at home.

IMD phone case

IMD is also a printing process. The pattern printed by IMD is like inlaid inside the phone case, and there will be a layer of plastic outside the pattern. IMD printing patterns will not never fall off.

IMD phone case

Veneer gluing phone case

Veneer gluing is a craft. As we mentioned earlier, most leather phone cases are based on PC phone cases, with a layer of leather on the flat surface. In addition, you can also paste wood, sequins, plush, cloth and so on.

Veneer gluing phone case

Inlay phone case

Inlay refers to pasting some accessories on the back of the phone case, such as bows, cartoon characters, pearls and so on. Inlay is very simple, you can do it yourself at home.

Inlay phone case

Many sellers in the wholesale market purchase some solid-color mobile phone cases and small accessories, and then paste these accessories on the mobile phone cases themselves.

Epoxy phone case

Epoxy is very similar to inlay, but the glue process will coat the small accessories attached to the phone case with a layer of glue to make it stick more firmly.

Classified by phone case function

Shockproof phone case

The shock-proof mobile phone case is a mobile phone protective case with strong shock resistance. It is a mobile phone case made of high-grade non-toxic and odorless environmentally friendly silicone material injection.

It uses a unique four-corner hollow design to slow down the violent impact of the phone when it falls on the ground. And the appearance is designed according to ergonomics, which is convenient to hold.

Convenient phone case

The back of the convenient mobile phone case is designed with a convenient card insertion function, which makes it easy to pick and place commonly used bus cards, bank cards, ID cards and other cards.

Convenient phone case

It also has the function of preventing electromagnetic waves from drying up, allowing people to use bus cards and ID cards to complete it with a single swipe.

Fidget pop it phone case

With the prevalence of fidget toys, Chinese manufacturers have made it into a variety of daily necessities, including mobile phone cases.

The bubble phone case can not only protect the phone, but also can be used for playing. Bubble pop it phone cases are generally made of liquid silicone.

Phone case with holder

This kind of mobile phone case is very common, that is, there is a ring on the back of the mobile phone case, which can be used to support the mobile phone.

Phone case with earphone storage

There is also a container for earphones on the back of the phone case, which is a relatively novel design.

Phone case with earphone storage

Phone cover

Just like a mobile phone bag, it can wrap the entire mobile phone.

What is the Wholesale Price for Phone Case in China?

The price of the phone case will vary according to the material, processing technology and function.

Generally speaking, mobile phone cases made of PC/TPU/silicone materials are cheaper than metal, wood and glass mobile phone cases.

If you want to get the detailed price of the phone case, you can submit an inquiry here.

How to Customize Phone Cases?

For mobile phone cases, you can usually make your phone case different from others in the following ways.

Custom phone case patterns

Customize unique patterns, which are generally achieved through processes such as color painting, silk screen printing, and water transfer printing.

The minimum order quantity is usually very low, and you can customize your exclusive pattern with 100 pieces. But when you purchase more quantity, the price will be more favorable.

Custom phone case color

The color of the phone case usually depends on the raw materials used in production. As long as your purchase quantity is around 300 pieces, you can order mobile phone cases in exclusive colors from Chinese manufacturers.

Custom phone case model

Basically, the style of mobile phone case on the market suitable for any brand mobile phone model, whether it is iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, etc. 

But if the mobile phone case you want to purchase is not used for the common mobile phone models on the market, you need to customize the model. This requires the manufacturer to open the mold, and the price of a mold is several hundred US dollars.

Customized 3D shape mobile phone case

There are various 3D-shaped mobile phone cases on the market, such as Pikachu, Astronaut, KFC French fries, pineapple and so on. 

Customized 3D shape mobile phone case

If you want to customize a unique 3D-shaped mobile phone case, this also requires the manufacturer to open a mold. And the price is more expensive, and it will cost between $1500-$3000.

Custom phone case packaging

Generally speaking, the packaging of the phone case is not very important. But if you are the owner of a high-end private label, a unique packaging will surprise consumers even more.

There are many packaging methods for you to choose from, color cards, color boxes, blister cardboard and so on. The minimum order quantity for packaging is usually higher than 500 pieces.

DIY phone case

Earlier we mentioned the inlay process. The small accessories on the phone case are basically glued on by hand after the phone case is formed. So you can choose the accessories to be pasted on your phone case. Bowknot, wine bottle, HelloKitty, StellaLou, flowers, pearls, crystal, you can choose whatever you want. 

There is basically no minimum order quantity requirement for this kind of customization. You can even purchase pure-color phone cases and accessories yourself, and then process the phone cases, which will save you from paying the supplier for manual costs.

Where Can You Find the Best Phone Case Wholesalers & Manufacturers in China?

Manufacturers of mobile phone cases are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, mainly including the three cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Dongguan.

Speaking of mobile phone case manufacturers, I have to mention the Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Wholesale Market.

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Wholesale Market.

Huaqiangbei is China’s largest electronic product wholesale market. With the development of e-commerce, Huaqiangbei is not as prosperous as before. The products have become very single from a variety of novel electronic products. 

At present, the Huaqiangbei wholesale market mainly contains accessories such as mobile phone cases, mobile phone screen protectors, watch straps, and earphone protective covers, but there are very few real “electronic products”.

If you are interested in electronic product accessories, Huaqiangbei is still a place worth visiting. You can see tens of thousands of different mobile phone cases here.

What Licenses Should You Have for Wholesale Mobile Phone Cases in China?

No license is required for wholesale mobile phone cases in China. Some countries do not allow you to ship certain goods to that country for wholesale.

What you need to do is to consult with the regulatory agencies involved in imports in your country/region. Once approved, you can wholesale mobile phone cases in China without any license.

Obtain reliable suppliers in China. You can now continue to place orders, arrange goods, track and deliver.


Top 10 China Phone Case Manufacturers

ShenZhen Dfifan Technology Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2010

Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen

Scale: 30-50 employees

Main products: mobile phone protective cover, water cup, humidifier, data cable, phone screen protector

Business type: manufacturing and sales

Guangzhou Big Bear Electric Technology Co., Ltd

Established time: 2016

Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City

Scale: 30-50 employees

Main products: mobile phone cases, mobile phone accessories

Business type: R&D, production, sales

Shenzhen Aipaiqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Established time: 2005

Address: Longhua District, Shenzhen

Scale: 50-100 employees

Main products: mobile phone battery, mobile phone charger (car charger), protective case, protective cover, tempered glass film, data cable, mobile power, mini mobile phone audio

Business type: R&D, production, sales

Foshan Sanfeng Cell Phone Accessories Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2003

Address: Nanhai District, Foshan City

Scale: 50-100 employees

Main product: mobile phone case

Business type: R&D, production, processing, sales

Shenzhen PGO Technology Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2012

Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen

Scale: about 50 employees

Main products: mobile phone case, tablet computer protective cover

Business type: R&D, production, sales

Shenzhen Ouzhe Technology Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2013

Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen

Scale: about 50 employees

Main products: iPhone protective cover, mobile phone protective case

Business type: production, sales

Dongguan Soonleader Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2012

Address: Dongguan City

Scale: 100-150 employees

Main products: mobile phone accessories, protective cases, leather cases

Business type: R&D, production, sales

Shenzhen Sonida Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2006

Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen

Scale: 50-100 employees

Main products: 3C accessories products (including data cables, mobile phone cases, chargers, remote controls, polymer batteries, etc.) and compatible with digital electronic products (including digital video cameras, cameras, digital photo frames, web cameras, surveillance cameras, etc.), there are also Household and health protection products (including soap dispenser, disinfection box, humidifying fan, mosquito killer, carbon dioxide tester, temperature measuring instrument, etc.)

Business type: R&D, production, sales

Shenzhen Chuangxinfa Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2009

Address: Longgang District, Shenzhen

Scale: 50-100 employees

Main products: Silicone products

Business type: production, sales

Dongguan Zhengxin Silicon Plastic Co., Ltd.

Established time: 2012

Address: Dongguan City

Scale: 20-30 employees

Main products: Keychains, luggage tags, mugs, bottle openers, refrigerator magnets, coasters, photo frames, trademark rubber stamps, wrist straps, U disk shells, mobile phone holders, mobile phone straps, mobile phone covers, non-slip washers and other plastic products

Business type: production, sales

The Process of Purchasing Phone Cases from Alibaba

Click here to view the full Alibaba sourcing guide.

Now, start your purchase!

If you have any questions about purchasing from China, please leave a message below or contact us directly on

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