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Premium FAQs

What products can you help us to source ?

Our advantage lies in electronic products, because we are in the industrial cluster of electronic products in Shenzhen, this is our advantage. And our purchasing experts have 15 years of experience in purchasing electronic products, which is another advantage of us. However, some customers we have worked with also ask us to help them purchase other products out of trust, such as clothes, storage boxes, lamps and so on.
Just email us your request details: such as product photos, quantities, colors, size, product data, delivery time ….etc. We will give sourcing details within 24 hours . This is money.

Do you purchase the price cheaper than me ?

Yes this is our advantage . beacause we are local and have more advantage to get lower prices than you, such as lower 15% -35% by your price. We arm at to help foreign small and medium companies discover valued suppliers in China.

How do you search suppliers for our orders?

Normally we will give preference to those suppliers who cooperate well before cause they are tested to offer good quality and price. For those products we don’t purchase before, we do as below.
Firstly, we find out the industrial clusters of your products, like toys in Shantou,electronic products in Shenzhen, Christmas products in Yiwu.
Secondly, we search the right factories online or go around the local wholesale market depending on your requirement and quantity.
Thirdly, we ask quotation and samples for checking. Samples can be delivered to you request(sample fee and express charge is paid by your side).

If I already buy from China, can you help me to export?

Yes! After your purchasing by yourself, if you worry about the supplier can’t do as you require, we can be your assistant to push production, check quality, arrange loading, exportation, customs declaration and after-sales service. The service fee is negotiable.

How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept ?

We accept bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 30% advance payment and balance before shipment.

We Will Help You-

If you want to focus all your energy on marketing, then you can enjoy our Premium Plan, our sourcing experts will handle all matters from manufacturing to delivery for you. You can choose to purchase from our suppliers or from your suppliers.

You can enjoy all the following services by paying a service fee of 5-10% based on the product value of each order. (Service rates are on the right)

Supplier Development

Everything is difficult at the beginning, a good supplier is the foundation of your business success. We will start your business by selecting suppliers and negotiating. 

Purchase Cost Accounting

We will help you evaluate the total cost of mass production and transportation before placing an order. So you can accurately know the total cost of the project and the profit you can get.

Offer Private Label Solutions

For those who want to manufacture private brand products, we will assist you in making all kinds of packaging, even if the purchase quantity is small. Since we have long-term cooperation with many packaging suppliers, you will always get competitive prices.

Besides, we have rich experience in product development and can assist you in developing new products from zero. Make your ideas become real products.

Arrange Product Samples

You can get samples or customize samples before placing the order formally. We will obtain samples from the factory on your behalf and assist you in delivering and checking samples.

Place Formal Order

Our price experts will confirm all product details and order details with the supplier you choose, and then sign a purchase order with the supplier.

Follow-up Order Production

It only takes a few hours to find the supplier of the product, but follow-up production usually takes 20 to 60 days. We can help you coordinate with the factory at any time to ensure that the products are produced normally. This is the maximum value of the premium plan.

General Quality Control

After the factory completes the production, our purchasing experts will go to check the quality&quantity in each carton. If a defective product is found, we will help you negotiate with the supplier to resolve the problem on your behalf until the defect is resolved.

Shipping & Distribution

We help you ship products from China to your address in any country or Amazon warehouse, and handle all import and export processes. Whether it is express, sea or air, you can always get a competitive shipping quotation from us.


Premium Plan Service Rate

Product ValueService Fee
Less than $1,000$100
$7,000-$10,000 7.5%

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