Alibaba Swimsuit Manufacturer List

You can directly download all below documents upon the order are done.

  • Complete Alibaba supplier list
  • Manufacturer list
  • SourcingArts Free Plan

This list is based on a product category, not a specific product. Because Chinese factories tend to focus on the production of one type of product. The factory that produces USB cable can basically produce data cables of all materials/all styles/all specifications.


What information about suppliers does the manufacturer list include?

The manufacturer list contain the manufacturer information, include: supplier name, membership type, supplier address, contact information, Alibaba websites, main products, business type, scale, history, legal representative, company Chinese name., etc. Download manufacturer list template.


How can I join the FB Private Group to get support from the purchasing experts?

You can apply to join our FB groug by click the group link in the download deocument.

Or you can click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page to go to SourcingArts’ FB Public page where you can find our free and private groups on the FB Group.

Any buyer can join our free group. Private FB Group requires you to fill in your order number to join.


Please make sure to keep your email address on the payment page so that we can contact you. If you have any questions, please email us at We will solve the problem for you as soon as we receive the email.


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