Customize Manufacturer List

Identify your supplier and get a list of China manufacturers for your product.


There are more than 5900 product categories on Alibaba, and the product categories displayed on the website are limited. So in order to meet the different needs of buyers, we have designed custom options so that every buyer can gain something.

Who are the customized manufacturer list suitable for?

Situation 1:
You have your own suppliers, but your suppliers are not from Alibaba, but from other channels, such as exhibitions, other B2B platforms, social media, Google, etc. You don’t know whether these suppliers are reliable, or whether they are real manufacturers. Then you can choose this customized service. Please indicate your supplier information in “Order Remarks” when making payment. Our sourcing experts will process your request within 1 working hour and send the result to your email.

Situation 2:
You want to get a list of manufacturers, but you cannot find your product category on our “Supplier List” page. You can select this “Customized Manufacturer List” and then indicate your product name in the “Order Remarks” on the payment page. After the payment is successful, our technicians and sourcing experts will deal with your needs and send the manufacturer list to your mailbox within 8 hours.

Common problems:

1. What products can be custom?
All product categories on Alibaba

2. What information is included in the manufacturer list?

It includes all the manufacturers of this product on Alibaba, including the supplier’s address, main products, website and other information. Download the template.

3. What is the value of the Alibaba Manufacturer List to me?
80% of the suppliers on Alibaba are traders, who profit from the price difference between the manufacturer and the buyer. They usually make a margin of around 30%, which means you’re paying 30% more in purchasing costs. Even though there are many ways on the web to teach buyers how to verify suppliers, suppliers are getting smarter as buyers learn. 50% of traders cannot be easily identified even by experienced buyers. We help you to screen out all the manufacturers on Alibaba, which probably accounts for about 20% of all suppliers. This saves you the time of validating suppliers yourself, narrows the supplier range and makes it easier for you to find the true manufacturer of the product.



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