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Amazon is again exploded with fake reviews

According to the latest survey by British consumer assessment agency “Which?”, many best-seller products on Amazon have been exposed to false reviews. The media found relevant evidence in dozens of Amazon’s best-seller products, and buyer reviews of these products allege allegations of bribery by sellers.

According to reports, among Amazon’s best-selling categories, smart watches, driving recorders, bluetooth speakers, headsets and surveillance video devices are the categories with the most false reviews.

Among the top 10 best-selling products in these five categories, 12 products (24%) had buyer reviews that wrote: “They were asked by sellers to post five-star reviews or delete negative reviews.” Among them, 7 items (58) %) are Amazon’s Choice products.

Some buyers said they were harassed by e-mails, and some buyers received information about exchanging good reviews for coupons or free gifts. For example, there are 2 reviews under Aswee’s smart watch listing, saying that they have received a prompt of 15 pounds to write a good review.


CMA CGM will charge an overweight surcharge

CMA CMA CGM issued an announcement stating that in order to improve service quality, an overweight surcharge (OWS) will be imposed on containers from Asia to Northern Europe. The effective date is July 1. The fee only applies to 20-foot dry containers, and the charge standard is that for each container with a gross weight of 20 tons or more, an overweight surcharge of $300 will be charged. In addition, CMA CGM will charge a Hazardous Surcharge for dangerous goods on this route. The charge is USD 300/TEU, which will also take effect on July 1.


Wish adjusts the commission share ratio

Wish issued an announcement stating that starting from 7 pm on July 19, 2021, orders released to merchants will adopt different revenue sharing ratios according to the specific circumstances, as follows:

• Non-North American Wish Express orders (all categories) have a revenue share of 5%.

• The revenue share of Wish Express orders (all categories) in North America (ie, the United States and Canada) becomes 10%.

• The revenue share of non-Wish Express orders for all directions of household daily necessities becomes 10%.

• The revenue share of all non-Wish Express orders for sex toys becomes 25%.

• Non-Wish Express orders (including all categories except household daily necessities and sex toys) of non-EU local merchants or non-EU local merchants with business establishments in the EU (that is, both the place of receipt and the place of shipment are within the EU) )’S income share becomes 15%.

• The revenue share of all other non-Wish Express orders (including all categories except household daily necessities and sex toys) in the EU direction becomes 22%.

• Non-EU-directed non-Wish Express orders (including all categories except household daily necessities and sex toys) have a revenue share of 15%.

Previously, Wish’s share ratio has remained 15% for all categories.


PayPal announces rate adjustments

PayPal announced last week that it was adjusting its US rates. It is reported that the rate change will be applicable to some merchant customers of PayPal in the United States from August 2, 2021.

PayPal has started to notify some customers, and merchants can find notifications on their policy update page.

The following is an overview of PayPal’s fee adjustments:

1. Paypal digital payment.

For PayPal payment products (such as PayPal Checkout, Venmo payment, PayPal Credit, Pay in 4, PayPal Pay with Rewards, Checkout with crypto), which includes seller protection for qualified transactions, the online transaction rate will be 3.49% + per transaction $0.491.

2. Pay in person.

For PayPal and Venmo QR code transactions over US$10, the fee rate will be 1.90%+US$0.10, and for such transactions of US$10 and below, the fee rate will be 2.40%+US$0.05. For certain in-person debit and credit card transactions, the interest rate will be 2.29% + $0.09.

3. Credit and debit card payment.

Online credit and debit card transactions will be 2.59% + 0.491 USD per transaction, without chargeback protection, or 2.99% + 0.49 USD, with chargeback protection.

4. Charity transactions.

For confirmed charities, the fee for charitable transactions will be 1.99% + $0.49 (subject to application and pre-approval).

5. Non-standard pricing.

For US merchants with customized, non-standard pricing, the rates for these services will remain unchanged in accordance with the agreement.

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